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Marcin Muszynski is an attorney who practices only immigration law. His law offices represent clients in all immigration matters, specifically in green card applications, work visas and defense from removal and deportations.  Mr. Muszynski also represents detained clients.  Whether you are an individual client or a large employer, Mr. Muszynski and his staff will make sure that your case will get a maximum of personal attention.

Except for legal education, Mr. Muszynski also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Investments. What distinguishes Mr. Muszynski from most other immigration attorneys is the fact that he himself went through the process of immigrating to the US and he knows the experience firsthand.

Mr. Muszynski has authored many articles covering immigration topics for Polish media in New York and beyond. He is a frequent guest on the Polish radio in Chicago where he discusses current immigration developments. He also gives interviews to the Polish Press Agency in Poland.

Mr. Muszynski has passed a 3 day Bar Exam in California, where the Bar exam is considered to be one of the most difficult exams in the US.  Prior to obtaining his attorney license from California, Mr. Muszynski had received accreditation from the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Mr. Muszynski is married and has two children. In his free time, Mr. Muszynski goes skiing and during the summer, he plays tennis and windsurfs.


The above information is not legal advice. Information regarding attorney Muszynski is provided for the information purposes only and is not a promise or a guarantee of winning any immigration case. In order to obtain legal advice, please contact immigration attorney Marcin Muszynski.

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